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Rules & Regulations...

Important Notes

In order to ensure that you have an enjoyable round of golf at the Steenberg Golf Club, we would like to draw your attention to some of the rules and regulations governing play and conduct on the course at all times.

Your Local Rules For The Day:

  • Sandbags with sand are compulsory to fill all divots
  • Fix all pitch marks on greens
  • All bunker rakes are to be left in the bunker facing the green
  • There is a compulsory 10-minute halfway house stop between nines
  • Playing time must not exceed 2 hours, 10 minutes per nine
  • Please keep up to the 4-ball in front of you at all times
  • Golfers must be on the tee 10 minutes before their tee-off time

  • Mobile Phone Policy

    The use of mobile phones is forbidden on the golf course, driving range and within most of the clubhouse. There are designated areas in the clubhouse where mobile phones are allowed.

    Smoking policy

    As required by South African law, smoking is not permitted in and around the clubhouse.

    Steenberg Handicap Policy

    Following the implementation of the Steenberg Handicap policy last year, there appears to have been some misunderstanding and frustration regarding the adjustment of scores entered by members. As you will see from the policy below, a Handicap is not simply the computation of an aggregation of differentials to the course rating. A handicap is meant to reflect a golfers ability and the SA Golf Association refers specifically to players who continuously do well in Better-Ball competitions. We have tried to encompass this in our policy and when an adjustment to a player’s gross score is made, the intention is certainly not to reflect on a member’s integrity in any way whatsoever. We are simply trying to apply the principles of handicapping as determined by the SAGA. While we accept that no system is perfect, the policy we have decided on has been reached after wide consultation with a number of clubs and individuals, including the WP Golf Union. This policy has been in affect for the last year and we trust you will accept this policy in the spirit that it is meant.

    Handicap Committee And Policy

    A Handicap Committee is a group of two or three members of the Golf Club Committee who are responsible for the monitoring and revision of all handicaps at the Club and ensure that members’ handicaps reflect their respective golfing abilities. A handicap is not simply the difference between a player’s average score and the course rating. Handicap controls must be incorporated into the system as checks and balances to offset abnormal scoring. The Steenberg Golf Club Handicap Committee is comprised of The Club Handicapper , Golf Director and, if required, the Club Captain. The Handicap Committee is responsible for the equitable application of all handicap rules and controls ensuring that scoring peculiarities are taken into account.

  1. Most handicap controls are automatic whereby players enter their scores as determined by the S.A. Golf Association (i.e. gross with maximum allowance over par per hole and taking into account the course rating) The best 10 scores of the last 20 are averaged with a factor of .96 being applied to determine a player’s handicap. Adjustments are made for exceptional scoring. When a score is entered with a differential that is at least 3 lower than the player’s handicap, at the time of the round, the score is marked as exceptional on the system. An immediate recalculation will take place when a player enters their second exceptional score within their last 20 rounds. This player’s handicap calculation will then be based on the best 8 scores of the player’s last 20 scores rather than the standard 10. This process will be repeated for each additional exceptional score entered, for as long as there are two or more exceptional scores in the players last 20.

  2. The Handicap Committee must also apply controls to monitor and review exceptional performances in Better-Ball competitions. In these cases the Handicapper shall apply the following formula to such player’s Better-Ball gross scores: RG = S + A - P

    Where RG = Revised Gross, S = Standard Rating, A=Allowance, P=No. Pars

    A is calculated as 18 + (Par of Course – Standard Rating). If the player’s handicap exceeds 18, then A is further adjusted by adding (Handicap – 18) to A. P is the total number of Pars made by the player in a round. Each Birdie is to count as two Pars and each Eagle to count as three Pars. Should the Revised Gross (RG) be less than the Gross Score recorded on the player’s card, then the Revised Gross shall be substituted for the Gross Score to ensure this principle is applied equitably across Steenberg.